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What to Do If Your Boyfriend Wants a Break

You have been in your relationship for a while and you have already realized that not everything is perfect like in the movies. Your partner has also noticed and in your last discussion, you have decided that you need airing. It’s what they call asking for a time as a couple. And it is a double-edged sword that should be analyzed. When your partner asks for a time, what can you do? What are the possible reasons?

Reasons behind why your boyfriend asks for a break:

• Actually, it is most reasonable to take a break time in the couple. If you have doubts, if the relationship is not what you expected, if you are not good at solving problems, if there has been any infidelity, if someone is going through a crisis, if you are going too fast. It is reasonable to ask for a time as a couple, be alone and reflect.

• Sometimes we need to distance ourselves, miss us to verify the true role that the couple plays in our life. Although we already know that nobody is essential except ourselves. We know it, right? 

This request for time usually occurs in couples who have not left their own space, feel overwhelmed, and suffocated in the relationship, which makes us think that they are not asking for what they need and that they are confusing the concepts of space and time. Most couples take a break in order to talk and socialize with other people. In a Boston, Ma research they’ve noticed that many couples that take a break use a phone service for chatting with others without showing any contact information or number. And they start talking and discussing with others about their problems most of them uses services like the chatline numbers

What to Do if Your Partner Asks for a Break Time?

The situation is a high risk for your love story that is clear. What are you going to do? You only have one option, which is to give him what he asks. You have the possibilities in how you manage that time:

• You can wait all that time, crying for the temporary separation that hurts as much or more than the final separation. You can have illusions and think that he will return and that when he does, you will be the happy couple you have imagined so much.

• You can wait all that time, making your life as if you were single; organizing your life without counting on that partner, being happy without that person until there is no place for her in your new life. And then his time will be over.

• Or you can give your partner all the time in the world from the moment he asks you to. Give it to him, the time, the space, the suitcase, and half of your memories.

So the choice is all yours how you wish to treat yourself and think of the situation. There might be possibilities when things turn to be normal and run at the same pace if your partner finds it miserable to live without you. 

So, one can try to be positive and liberal and give time to the relationship with open hands. This will make your guy think of you as an open person and know that there is a line of trust built between you and him even after taking a break.

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